Irish Emigrants

We undertake Family History research in the whole of the British Isles. However, as it is particularly difficult to locate the origins of Irish families, much of our work involves searching for records linking Irish emigrant descendants with places (and people) in Ireland with which their ancestors were connected. These invaluable findings were gleaned from official records, newspapers etc.

For the index of Irish emigrants and their probable or possible descendants / relatives – click on surname initials:

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Email for further information about such records. Please include data as written in our index.

Our index will eventually list many thousands of such people – mostly recorded from censuses taken wherever they settled (NB! Although spouses and other relatives are listed, they are not necessarily of Irish origin).

You will only pay when and if you accept that the information is genuine.

Said “Official records” include records, registers & transcripts created by Civil Authorities, Church Parishes, Religious Organisations etc. – containing information given at the time.
Some people listed parents and their abode without knowing if they were still alive.
Remember that, if a spouse is listed, it is not necessarily the first one – or your ancestor.

Official records often use abbreviations or even nicknames and many use latin. In these indexes:
First Names are often standardized, such as: Biddy to Bridget, Cate/Kate/Kitty to Catherine, Frank to Francis, Joanna to Jane, Maggie to Margaret, Gulielmus to William, Oin/Eugene-Owen, Mick-Michael, Paddy/Patt-Patrick etc, etc. Refunds cannot be claimed if, for this reason, original records differ from our transcripts.
Surnames are often standardized, such as: McDonel to McDonnell, McGuire to Maguire, Shirdan to Sheridan etc, etc. Refunds cannot be claimed if, for this reason, original records differ from our transcripts.

Transcription errors: There will be numerous such errors. IF made by us - and, as a result, irrelevant information is received – the cost of that irrelevant information will be refunded.


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